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Team Building

Why is team building for youth soccer teams so important?

Leon Abravanel
April 21, 2017

The missing link to your child’s comprehensive development.

It is one thing to be on a team, it is another to learn how to be a productive member of a team.  Playing team sports has the potential to teach important and necessary life lessons : accountability to others, how to deal with a boss (coach), how to set collective goals, etc.  These lessons are partially learned subconsciously, but it is vital that these lessons are solidified in a youth players young mind - team building is a sure-shot way to make this happen.

What is ‘team building’?

According to google, ‘team building’ is  “the action or process of causing a group of people to work together effectively as a team, especially by means of activities and events designed to increase motivation and promote cooperation.”  

Simple put, it is putting individuals from a team through exercise that build the groups chemistry, fix important problems, teach them how to work together, and eventually elevate the team’s collective.

3 benefits of team building

Improves communication skills

Communication is critical for high performing teams, both on and off the field.  Communication needs to be honest, but always have a hint of positivity.  The honesty allows players to be comfortable and the positivity sets the trajectory.  

Improves Motivation

When communication is thriving through positivity and honesty, players become more motivated.  Motivation is the by product of multiple factors, but having a team that you enjoy competing with is a huge factor.  Increased motivation elevates performance indiviudally and collectively.

Elevates the team’s collective performance

When a team is bonded and has set SMART Goals (read “5 Sports Psychology Skills Every Coach Should Know”), they will thrive.  Each player will have a clear understanding of their function on the team and the team will know what it is striving for.  Without goals, people and teams flounder.  

In conclusion, team building is rarely trained, but it will teach the most important life lessons to your players as well as elevating your team’s performance.

Read “4 Simple Team Building Exercises for your Team” for easy ways to start bonding your team.

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